Impromptu Viewing at Windsurfer Tonight!

Forecasts are for clear tonight! And low winds! I’m heading out to Windsurfer Point tonight. Plan to get there around 2030. Right about sunset.

Anyone/everyone is welcome to join me tonight. I’m hoping to get a good image and science data for the supernova in M101. Among other things.

Change of plans. Joel and I are going to get there about 6 or so for some solar viewing, then will stay for dark.

So come out anytime! Will probably go to the Waffle House at Kilpatrick and Western afterwards for some sustenance. I’ve discovered that particular WH is much less greasy than the others I’ve been to in OKC!

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Joel and I are having a great time! A bit windier than I like, but using my truck to block it and am getting good images. Got a nice image of M101 and the supernovae. Am recording some citizen science observations now. Beautiful night.

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It was a good night. Lots of people dropped in to visit. I was testing my solar setup at first and trying to use my camera to grab some imaging data. No joy, yet! :grin:

The rest of the evening was spent viewing the rest of the solar system: Venus, Mars and Moon.

Tried to view the supernova in M 101. It was too faint in the city lights to see the galaxy, but I believe I was able to view the supernova.

I sure hope they’re wrong about Friday’s evening forecast. I’ll most likely go out anyways, just in case. It IS Oklahoma after all.

Well, I managed to get an image of the sun with my Stellina. I really like practicing solar viewing; good training for the upcoming eclipses!

And a really nice lady took a pic of both of us.