Impromptu Viewing at Bluff Creek - Mon, 30 Oct

The long range forecasts have changed and now it looks like Monday will be almost perfect viewing weather! Well, if you don’t mind if it’s a bit chilly. As in barely above freezing. But it’s late fall, so might as well get used to it for a few months. But skies are supposed to be clear and low winds.

So if it stays that way, I’m heading to Bluff Creek Park at sunset. It’s been busy with soccer until sunset, so no reason to come earlier. I’ll post again Monday to confirm I’ll be heading there that evening.

Any and all are welcome to join me! I’ll probably have all three of my EA scopes going!

I would like to attend if it’s a go, but can’t get there til around 8. Will this work? I want to be respectful and not ruin everyone’s night vision with my headlights showing up after dark.

30th of November? Thats a very long range forecast :wink:. Might want to change the title to say the 30th of October!

I’m a man ahead of my time, Jaxon! At least a month. Thanks. have changed the date.

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BeGenner, 8 is fine. Sunset is at 1841, but true night, i.e., the best viewing, doesn’t start until 2003. So you’ll be there just in time for the best viewing! Once you enter the park, take the right fork, then look for the telescopes on the field. Will probably be just past the portapotties. Plently of parking. Alongside the field, or in the lot.

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The forecasts are still for almost perfect viewing tonight! Clear and low winds! Tuesday night looks just as good; perhaps a bit better! I might go out tomorrow night, too! The rest of the week, even if it’s clear, the winds will be higher. Even if it doesn’t shake the scope much, the wind chill will be bitter.

I’m planning on getting there right around sunset, maybe a bit later. Let the soccer moms and dads clear out.

If you’re thinking of joining me, dress warmly! As Dave always says, dress for 20 deg colder than it is. So if you’re going to be standing around outside viewing, dress for about 10-15F. I can control my scopes from inside my car, but I’ll still be dressing for winter!

I aslo suggest if you come and plan on setting up a scope, take it out to your car at least an hour before you leave and let it get cold soaked. You do not want to take a scope from around 70F inside your house and set it up in 35F temps. You’ll need to let it sit there for at least 20 minutes before it will really be usable.


I hope some folks got out tonight for viewing somewhere! It was absolutely perfect! Wasn’t even cold inside my car.

With no wind, conditions were perfect! Tomorrow might even be a tad better! After that, the wind is predicted to pick up, even if clear.

Hi Mitche,

I also decided to take advantage of the clear skies and no wind. But temperature, dew point, and humidity turned out to be a challenge.

I took my newly modified cheapie Orion ST-80 out for an imaging test drive from the backyard. Went to bed around 02:30. Parked the scope, but left everything powered up, including the dew heater. This is what I found this morning.

Thank heavens for the dew heater!! (see last pic below)

Last night was gorgeous, but things did get a bit frosty. I had my Seestar out, and was wondering how it would do in the cold. I believe it’s rated down to 32F, but it got down to 30F before I left. Seestar seemed to fo fine at those temps, even with frost all over it. I forgot I had to turn on the dew heater until the last hour or so.

Plans have changed and I won’t be able to go to Bluff Creek tonight. :frowning_face:

But it’s going to be another great night for viewing! I urge everyone to get out and take advantage of the clear skies tonight!

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