Ha Views of the Sun

The new Lunt 130mm came in the mail last week and I finally got to try out some imaging today.


I tried out a few different methods of imaging. The first image (southern half of sun) is a single frame taken from a sequence of about 600. The second image (SW quadrant of sun) is a stacked image using 500 frames out of a sequence of 600. The third and final image (northern half of sun) is using 80% of the frames from a 30 second video. The seeing today was pretty nasty, but I am really pleased with how these turned out, and I’m excited to work on my solar imaging to get even better images (hopefully) in the future.

I’m bringing this scope out to member’s night at CRO tomorrow (Nov. 10th) for some more solar viewing and imaging, so anyone going tomorrow is welcome to come check out the view for themselves, it’s incredible (you can see granulation with your own eyes, no camera needed)!

Lunt 130mm Universal OTA
SkyWatcher EQ6R-Pro Mount
Ha Single Stack and Double Stack Filters
Lunt 12mm Blocking Filter
ZWO ASI174mm Camera

ASI Studio for image acquisition
Autostakkert for stacking
ImPPG and Photoshop for processing


Wow, for the first set of images from this scope, thats incredible! I’m looking forward to seeing what that telescope is capable of!

Lovely work, well done Waylon :+1: I plan to be out at CRO today at about 3pm.