First Friday Public Viewing Night - Oct 6

We have First Friday Public Viewing Night at Lake Hefner Windsurfer Point on Oct 6.

Sunset is at 1907 (7:07pm) and the Moon will set before sunset.

I’ll be there about 1700 to set up for some solar viewing. Any and all club members are encouraged to come support the public outreach and hopefully get some good viewing in!

This is also a good time for folks having equipment problems to bring their gear and see if anyone can help you with it.

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I’m planning on getting there at about 6pm. Going to bring my Orion 6” Starblast telescope. Will have some eclipse information from the NSN to hand out.

Saturn and Neptune will already be up and Jupiter rises at 8:30pm.

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I plan on going! Will be my first event since signing up for OKCAC and looking forward to it!

Clouds and wind may be an issue, but I still hope to be there. It might be a bit chilly too, dress accordingly!

yeah, the forecasts aren’t the best, but unless it’s raining, I’ll be there.

Asthma has been plaguing me all week, not sure if allergies or cold, but I won’t be attending tonight, unfortunately. I was looking forward to jacket weather observing.

Take care of yourself first, Rachel! Get better!

Forecasts aren’t the best. I think we could work around the clouds, but the winds at 5 are supposed to be about 17-20mph. Very strong for portable telescopes. They’ll gradually die as the evening wears on, and the clouds will clear, but great viewing conditions aren’t predicted until 10-11. Donno if I’ll still be there then or not. Even if I stay out that late, and I might, I’ll probably move down to Bluff Creek Park for any late night viewing. It’s a MUCH nicer place to observe from. Too bad we couldn’t hold it last night. The weather was near perfect!

I’m still planning to get there around 5 or so. I’ll put up the sign, unless the wind blows it away, and talk to folks as they walk by.

If you come out, be sure and bring a coat, hat and maybe gloves! It’s got chilly enough last night I needed a jacket.

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It looks like it is going to be clear by 9pm with less than 10mph winds. Looks like it may turn out to be pretty good tonight. Going to be out a bit late.

Wife and I will be heading out there in a bit.

Very windy right now. 17-20mph. Supposed to get better. Sun in and out of clouds. Gonna see if I can use my truck as a windbreak.

Got my eVscope set up in the lee of my truck, but then the sun disappeared behind the clouds. Hopefully will reappear in a bit.

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Well, solar viewing is a bust today. 90% overcast now, and still very windy. With the wind and no sun, it’s very chilly. Bring a windbreaker and insulation. And a hat and gloves. Fall is here.


My daughter and I were planning on coming out. If the clouds break up we will be there.

Hi, I’m here (I think) but don’t see anyone.

Is this Wind Surfer Point?

Sorry, BeGenner, but you just missed us. 5 of us were there, but we decided it was too cloudy and too windy, and no non-club members were there at all, so we decided to call it a night.

The forecasts look better for tomorrow evening at CRO. I hope you can join us there!

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There were 5 of us, well, 6 with the 2.5 foot tall member with his first ever camera (every membership is a family membership!), at First Friday tonight. About an hour after sunset we decided it was too cloudy, too windy, and too chilly to stand around talking too long. It’s still forecasted to clear about 11-midnight, but we didn’t want to wait that long for better conditions.

Unfortunately I didn’t check on here to see if any more were coming at the last minute or I would have stayed a bit longer to be sure to be there when you showed up!

I did remember to take a picture though!


I figured tonight might be a bust. I just submitted my application to the club this afternoon. I can’t make CRO tomorrow but look forward to future meetings and events. Thanks! Ben