First Friday Public Observing Night

The next First Friday Public Observing Night be held at 7pm on June 7, 2024.

Weather permitting, we’ll meet at Arbor Gardens Park, 1695 SW 34th St, in Moore, towards the east end of the parking lot, near the walkway.

I will notify the Moore Parks Dept and ask they open the indoor toilets for us.

This event is for both club members to get together to observe in the metro area, and for prospective members and the general public. If you need help with equipment, or general observing, that will be available, too!

Please check back here the afternoon of June 7 to see if the weather will cooperate. The very very long range forecast is for good viewing weather! But this is Oklahoma in the springtime, and that can change quickly.

We’ll try to hold it if it’s partly cloudy, depending on wind and percentage of cloud cover, but we’ll definitely cancel if completely overcast.


The forecast is not optimal, partly cloudy, but the main problem looks like wind. 15mph(+).

As of now, it’s still on for tonight!

I’m going to change the title of this to take off the date and make it a long running topic. If you select “watching” in the box below the posts, you’ll get email notifications of new information. I think that way you’ll only have to watch one post keep up with the current status.


The restrooms should be open from 7-1030. I don’t know if I’ll set up my scopes if the wind is that high, but bringing my zero G chair, binocs and a planetsphere. Will be a good night to practice with those.

As it doesn’t get dark until late, plan for some solar viewing at 7!

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Will bring the Hestia and probably the C90 to test out the new tripod maybe. No point in bringing the SeeStar.

I plan on being there.

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I am a new member and am attending. Probably going to have a question or three.


Even if I just bring a chair, I will be there

It was a lovely evening


I agree with Rachel! It turned out to be a great viewing night!

There were 9 members there tonight, including 3 relatively new members. Gerald was able to help Damon with his Dobsonian and Brent and Colby got a general introduction to astronomy, including discussions about types of telescopes, astronomy apps, and general viewing tips.

Rachel got some nice images with her Hestia, and Jim and I had our Seestars up and running.

Joel and Hannah provided moral support for everyone, while relaxing in the nice weather.

We got some great solar viewing in, then got several DSOs after dark.

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Thank you for sharing pics. I had homework and was not feeling well last night. I’m sad I missed it.

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I want to thank everyone for the hospitality last night. It was good to meet you all, and a huge word of thanks to Gerald for his help. I look forward to meeting more of the club and will attend as I’m able.

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