Cancelled: Jun 2 Public Observing Night

Pamela and I have decided to officially cancel our monthly Public Observing Night for June 2. The forecasts are at best partly cloudy. At worst, completely cloudy with thunderstorms.

If it’s not completely overcast and/or raining, I’ll head out there around 7 to let any public that shows up that it’s canceled. I’ll have my scopes if it miraculously clears, but not counting on that.

I’ll post on here and Discord/the Forum if it looks like it might be worthwhile coming out at the last minute, if you don’t have other plans by then.

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Thank you for the update, I had planned to go out as well, unless it is raining.

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Joel and I got to Windsurfer just as the sun disappeared into the clouds.

We had one lady come by that is interested in astronomy and hopefully will come to one of our meetings in the future!

We sat out enjoying the evening until we could see the storm front moving across the lake towards us, so quickly packed up and adjourned to Swadley’s.

Cancelling was definitely the right call today.

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It didn’t all go to waste, I got these images later after we left.


those are fantastic images!

Joel’s fast. By the time I pulled my phone out to get an image, maybe 5 seconds after the second pic above, this is what I got.

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