Astroscan or larger reflector?

For those of you with more experience. There is an astroscan for sale currently. Always enjoyed the look of those little guys. Seller is asking $125. Is this something that I should get or ahould I continue to save up for an 8" reflector?

Trying to guage of this would be a good purchase.


Are you talking about the red Edmund Scientific wide field telescope? If so I have one and the Club has a couple. That is a great telescope for kids but has been long discontinued. We always recommend going to events to see different types of telescopes before buying anything. What are you looking for something small and portable? What are your planning to look at? Visual only or astrophotography? The 8” size is kind of the sweet spot for telescope size.

I’m pretty much looking for an 8" dob. I’d like good views of planets and the ability to also view DSO. Mostly visual. Once I can afford it I plan ti get a camera for landsape astrophotography. Maybe someday I can afgord a full astrophotography rig. As I stated above, looking for anything from 6"-10". However, I would prefer an 8".

I just saw one of the luttle red astroscans pop up for sale the other day and was curious if it was worth a purchase or not.

@DaveNH6SM Do we have an 8” Dob (maybe at CRO?) that Cody could try out this weekend at Members Night?

@CodyGossett This is what my wife gifted to me at Christmas a couple of years ago that got me hooked.

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I think there is an 8” Dob sitting in the control room.


Looks like I’ll be coming out this weekend with my wife. Looking forward to meeting some of you and comparing my telescop to one I’d like to purchase someday.

I got hooked when Ibwas maybe 5 or 6. My parents had a small meade refractor. We’d sit outside and watch meteors pass by and look at the moon. Fell out of the hobby for a bit but always wanted ro get back to it. Now, I’m working to get a degree in physics and make a career out of it!

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