6" sct to borrow?

Does anyone have a 6" sct I can borrow for the Solar Eclipse?

I’d like to shoot at the 1500mm. Right now I’m at 1900mm and it’s a touch too tight.


I have a 5 inch f/12 Mak which would put you in that range.

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Doesn’t the Club have a check out one of those?

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Dave: I’m not sure about the club’s inventory. But I could use your 8" with reducer if you aren’t using it! :joy::+1:

Brad: That would be perfect. I have a 5" and 6" glass solar filters. That Mak at F12 would be very sharp. My test photos with the 1900mm 5" Mak I’m using are very sharp. So, a Mak or a 6" SCT at F10 would both work. I’m trying to avoid using any reducers or flatteners to reduce reflections.

I can bring it to the meeting Friday. It has a Losmandy dovetail.

That would be great Brad. I’ll take good care of. And… you shall get print rights to my best efforts to photograph this eclipse!!!