2024 JD McCarty Center Camp ClapHans Star Parties - June-July

From OKCAC Weather page with satellite photos…



Clouds should decrease to 10%.
I will bring my Kinesthetic Astronomy phases of the Moon activity. It can be done indoors.

We are GO for tonight! 8 pm

Due to the likelyhood of clouds tonight, we’re postponing the viewing until tomorrow night, July 9.

Hopefully the weather will be better then!

Monday, July 8th - Outreach is not likely for tonight.
Tuesday, July 9th - we’ll keep our fingers crossed.
Let us know if you are available. Thanks!

I’ll be there

I will be there. Mercury should be visible just after sunset.

Currently planning to be there as well.

NOAA forecast for weather/sky coverage:
7pm - 19%
8 pm - 20%
9 pm - 14%
10 pm - 19%
11 pm - 13%

Thanks to all respondents! Anyone else is welcome! We are GO for this evening. I think the clouds will clear.
We have the Sun. We have the waxing crescent Moon. Let’s Go!

Sorry for the late notice, but other than the heat it looks like a perfect night.

See you there!

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